The President

As founder and owner of ESP, LLC, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

After thirty years of experience working in the technical services division of several companies in the piedmont area of North Carolina, such as NCR, Decision Data and Rodan Inc. , I decided to establish a printer / company service company addressing, first and foremost, the hardware service needs of businesses in the area while at the same time saving our customers the headaches of high cost service and impersonal response by the "Big Guys".

ESP understands that when you have a service need in your business, you want to talk to a person who understands your needs and communicates well with you to address your problems timely and without the need to go through a vast network of options on a phone system or wait for a call back that may or may not come today or tomorrow. Our policy is to close the call the same day if at all possible and this is usually the case for most service calls.

ESP continues to work closely with vendors such as Lexmark and Symbol Technologies to build a wide array of print and data collection equipment that will meet the needs of many of your industry's data requirements for the foreseeable future. Remember, ESP doesn't just provide the product but also installs, helps setup, train and provide support over the life of the equipment. You will only have one number to call to start the process of solving your hardware issues in a timely fashion in order for you to return to "your business at hand" whether it be a service call or hardware need.

Over the past thirteen years we have achieved and continue to achieve these and other goals with a very satisfied customer base of businesses in the manufacturing, government and health care industry.

The business philosophy I developed over the past thirty plus years "take care of the customer no matter what" was the standard I strived for when I began my company in August of 1998 and that will continue.

Please feel free to call our office at any time to discuss with Joe or myself how ESP will be able to solve your needs in the future and free you from the worry of service down time.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you,

Roger Elliott

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